Rain, Rain go away, no seriously please

Well I had no idea to what to do in Singapore, but after a bit of research I found out there was a WWII fort about 45 minutes from here. So, I used the handy dandy Google maps and it was fun!!

I had to take the MRT to a Tram to a lift!! 45 minutes one way. The MRT is their subway and let me tell you, Singapore puts the entire American attempt at public transit to shame (NYC is good, but Singapore just nailed it). It was S$3.60 round trip.

The tram takes you over the water to Sentosa island.

This was S$4 round trip. (But they only take a ticket to get to the island). Then I had to walk all of like 5 meters to the lift/gondola.

The gondola took you from the middle of the island to the west. The gondola was like S$16 for the whole day.

The whole island is a resort. It’s like something I’ve never seen. Universal studios is there, a massive water park, AJ Hackett and the crazy bungee jumping things, a golf course, beaches, and all the resorts that go with those things.

I was going to this resort island place to go to a WWII fort. The only one apparently in Singapore. I spent about 3 hours touring the fort. They had little replica men standing in some of the facilities, replica and original mortar arms.

I always (in the least rude way) forget about the Asian portion of WWII. I always focus on the Nazi regime and the horrendous war crimes. But Japan with 1/2 as many men managed to invade Sinapore and the Allies defenses and win. The Allies were ready for a water attach and Japan came down on land. It was shocking to see photos and read accounts of the soldiers from the Allies. Japan was horrible to the now POWs.

After the fort I decided to do some exploring on the Island. I took the gondola to the middle stop (there are only 3). They have some of the adventure things at that stop. I was going to go to the Luge course and maybe a zipline course. Once I got off the gondola and was walking up the hill it started down pouring!! Like buckets. And big thunder.  While it was a cool thing to see everything shut down. The only thing still running was the gondola. So I decided to go find some food. I road the gondola back to the tram stop and back over the water.

Singapore has it figured out. All their public transit stops are like malls or food courts. It’s smart. Gives people a reason to use public transit. I heard Bart is going to try and do that – well it works, So they should.

Anyway, at the stop they had a mall. So I decided to venture to the food court.

And this food court is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. All Asian food. All prepared on demand. All cheap. It all looked good. I went with kimchi chicken. Basically ramen, with chicken and it’s spicy. It was yummy.

I walked around the mall for a bit longer and since the rain hadn’t let up I decided to head back to my hotel. It was about 3pm and I was a little exhausted anyway.

It was a nice pretty rainy afternoon. Buckets and buckets of rain!!

For predinner I went to one of the little Indian restaurants. I got some black lentils and chickpeas with rice, a sprite and some buttered naan. It was good. I couldn’t finish it all.

I hung around my room for a bit more, reading, writing and faking my GPS location to watch Greys. I met Lam at 10pm in Holland Village. Took the MRT to get there. It was such a cool area. They block off the streets from cars at night so you can walk around and file into the streets with your crew.

We went to a German place for dinner. I ordered fish and chips and it was HUGE!! So I couldn’t finish it all. The fish was amazing, and the chips were right on. Lam got some pork sausage which came with mashed potatoes. He was super kind and treated me to dinner!!

After we walked around the street for a bit and settled on Haagen Dazs ice cream. The place had a menu!!I couldn’t believe it!! So he let me decide what we would share. I picked this thing with 8 scoops of ice cream (equivalent to 3 American scoops) and a cookie parfait thing. We split them and they were amazing !!

After chatting for a few hours we called it a night  I headed back to the hotel via Grab since the MRT closed at around 1130 and it was 1230 now. Ride home was smooth and I crashed when I hit the bed!!

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