Things I’ve learned about Thailand

In true Laura style, I didn't do a whole lot of research before I set out to Thailand. In fact, the only reason I had a hotel in Bangkok long before I arrived is because a friend had told me about the Elephant Nature Park and how it gets booked up quickly, so I had to book... Continue Reading →

My thoughts on traveling….

As I sit by the pool today I'm reminiscing on all my travels thus far, and the few remaining days I have left. I have also been thinking about my previous trips and adventures and how they have brought me here. I enjoy the solitude of traveling on my own. No pressure, no compromise, just... Continue Reading →

Relaxing day 2

Another slow morning, it's very odd because even at home I don't stay in bed late. But I'm forcing myself to relax before I venture on to Malaysia and Singapore. Today I hung out at the pool. I really realized how bad my back was burned this morning so I borrowed some scissors from the... Continue Reading →

Bangkok: Day 2

As was so accurately pointed out to me, I did not explain why I am in Bangkok. I have set out on a two week holiday in Southeast Asia. Ill be spending most of my time in Thailand, followed by a few days in Malaysia and ending the trip in Singapore. I decided on SE Asia because... Continue Reading →

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