Travel Must Haves!

People are always asking what I MUST HAVE to travel as much as I do. So I decided to create this page to help out others looking for some travel accessories. I will update this as I find additional items – travelers are always finding new items to share with others! Everything is linked to Amazon – so click away straight to the page! This is basically my collection from the last 3 years of major travels. Ill keep updating the list over time – keep checking back and stock up!

Tech stuff

  • This very small wall charger is PERFECT for charging two items on the plane at once. I use this one specifically for the plane rides – its about 1″ x 1″ and charges at 2.4A to quick charge your USB items!
  • I was gifted a GoPro from a friend and wanted to get the whole set up for all my travels – BUT – I also didnt want to spend a whole lot. So I did some research and found this great kit – so many parts and pieces I still havent used them all!

  • If you were to ask anyone who knows me, you’d know I am expert at losing things. So I like to buy things in bulk. Whenever I buy charging cables I buy a multi pack. So with these, you can charge more than one thing at a time combining the Wall charger and these cables! (iphone & android)
  • Going on a road trip? Dont forget your charger! I use my phone for a map while driving, that sucks all the battery from my poor little phone. I also like to keep my GoPro charged and my battery pack – this little guy allows me to charge (4) different USB things at once!!
  • I have lots of electronics that I take with me on my adventures. That being said, I also have a lot of cords and parts. I use my electronics organizer to store all the cables and chargers for ease of storage during my travels. They have all different sizes, but these are the two that I have. Small and Large.

  • My favorite and most random item that I use is my Flight Flap. It seems so simple, but yet can bring so much joy. I watch my tablet during the flight or on trains and often find my neck straining by the time I arrive. this allows me to bring the tablet up higher on the seat by using the tray table in the upright position. They have a phone and tablet option – but my tablet is small enough for the phone size.

Eco Friendly

  • Trying to be more eco-friendly has been pretty important to my travels. I am always happy to see airports adding solar, compostable products at the cafeterias and of course – less plastic. I do my part by bringing my own water bottle. This allows me to buy larger water bottles or fill up at local fountains all of that is less waste! I use a large bottle (32oz) but also have a (20oz) to take up less room. Honestly, this also allows me to get ice cold water for all day! Love me some cold water! This is also one of my favorite gifts to give people – easy, useful and colorful.
  • Many restaurants also like to give straws. Tons of plastic ending up in our waterways. I love to drink from straws so I have my travel straws to keep the plastic use down. Pack down to a tiny size for easy travel!

Health and wellness

Image result for doterra on guard
  • Traveling can cause your gut to become off kilter, which not only upsets your stomach, but also your immune system. I use a handful of different items. Probiotics are essential. I only take the amount I need, I hate dragging extra bottles along. Next up, my favorite, Airborn. Everyone has their item they choose to use, but Airborn has gummies that are yummy!! I use the essential oil combination of On Guard. I use the little beads – small (like a pencil head) and keeps my body in balance naturally. With all of these items I am able to stay healthy, energized and comfortable during my travels.
  • Long plane and train rides leave my neck sore. I am an expert sleeper on travels and use my favorite neck “pillow” to do just that. The Trtl takes up such a small space that it makes it a must have!

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