Kuala Lumpur – not koala bears….

Man, Today has been long and I lost an hour traveling, so it's even earlier than I'm used to, but I'm just beat!! My morning started at like 430am, had to get to the airport, which was about a 45 minute drive. The hotel (and pretty much everyone I talked to) said to get to... Continue Reading →

My thoughts on traveling….

As I sit by the pool today I'm reminiscing on all my travels thus far, and the few remaining days I have left. I have also been thinking about my previous trips and adventures and how they have brought me here. I enjoy the solitude of traveling on my own. No pressure, no compromise, just... Continue Reading →

Relaxing day 2

Another slow morning, it's very odd because even at home I don't stay in bed late. But I'm forcing myself to relax before I venture on to Malaysia and Singapore. Today I hung out at the pool. I really realized how bad my back was burned this morning so I borrowed some scissors from the... Continue Reading →

Chiang Mai Adventure

My, hotel is amazing. I slept super well, even though I woke up at 4am  I lounged around until about 830 then got ready for the day. I get a buffet breakfast here and it was huge. Both Asian and western breakfast was served  I can't fathom eating stir fry for breakfast again so I... Continue Reading →

Elephant Nature Park day 2

I got the best night sleep of the trip yet!! I honestly don't know if it was because of the amazing fresh air flowing through the room or Boots snuggling with my legs like Cali does. I'm only getting about 6-7 hours of sleep, but at least last night it was good sleep. I woke... Continue Reading →

Voyage to Bangkok

My trip to get to Bangkok was over 20 hours of travel, starting with my quick trip to Seattle for a work training, then back to SFO to catch my Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong. I decided to treat myself on this trip, so I bumped myself up to Premium Economy. Essentially this is... Continue Reading →

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