WOW Goes Bust

In case you missed the major WOW airlines news this morning, they have ceased operation. "All WOW AIR flights have been cancelled." - WOW website. But what does this mean for WOW passengers? Well, it means they are stuck. Because of the lack of service and funding WOW is crazy enough not responsible to get... Continue Reading →

WOW!! We got blown out of Iceland

Today was our final day in Iceland. We started the day off with breakfast on the top floor of our hotel. The bread in this country is just amazing. Always so light and fluffy, full of flavor. After breakfast we headed out for our last little excursion - a trip to the city's church (Hallgrimskirkja)... Continue Reading →


Looking to head to Iceland - to see what the hype is all about? Here are some things you should keep in mind! Almost everyone speaks English (but you should get the Google Translate App just in case to read signs, packaging, instructions, etc)They take American Express! Random fact, but it can be difficult to... Continue Reading →

We saw the lights!

I finished my blog last night around midnight. I decided to get the cameras ready for what I hoped to be a viewing of the Northern Lights. Our location was spot on, up above the city, not too many lights around, and nothing too big in our way. I wanted to set up the GoPro... Continue Reading →

Will stop for snacks

Today was the longest of the road trip days, mainly because we had to rearrange our stays and places due to weather (apparently it changes every 5 minutes and that's no lie). But first, lets review last night.... The Northern Lights website said last night was an active night for the lights and that there... Continue Reading →

Ice Ice Baby…

Our fancy hotel last night came with a free breakfast - and it was just perfect. We basically got exactly what we wanted. In true "European" fashion we got museli, granola, yogurt, juice, bread, etc. Lauren even had Oat Milk!! Iceland is for sure winning for people with food allergies or food restrictions! After our... Continue Reading →

Just go chasing waterfalls

Wow. I am exhausted writing this tonight. We hit the road in an attempt to get to Hofn. Our first goal was to get some Petrol. About 20 minutes into the drive, we found the petrol station - however, it was broken!! The owner came out to try and help and basically in his body... Continue Reading →

The land of fire and ice

Woooowwwweeee!! First I should say that it is not in fact a 14 hour travel day to get to Iceland from SFO. It was about 11. First flight was Alaska Airlines SFO to SEA. I had what was supposed to be about a 15 minute layover in Seattle, but it turned out to be more... Continue Reading →

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