Back to Rome we go!

Today we are heading back to Rome. After yesterday's busy train and today being a Sunday we decided to buy our ticket online yesterday, so we have a train time and are ready to go at 126pm. So, after breakfast we headed out to take the water bus down the grand canal. It took WAY... Continue Reading →

The place of liquid roads

Today we headed to Venice! This was top of mom's list to see. Originally we were going to day trip from Rome via flight - but they had canceled it a while back. At the last minute I swapped around a couple things and added it back in via bullet train. We decided to take... Continue Reading →

Last Day in Venice

Well today was overcast when we first headed out, we made reservations for a Grand Canal tour in the evening, so we wanted to get to Murrano and see the glass blowing factories. But first dad had to buy more Murrano glass from the shops, for gifts. After that we headed back to the hotel... Continue Reading →


Dad and I have been having a good time in Venice, not doing much at all! Yesterday when we got here, we just people watched most of the day, we had to go to a supermarket because I left my bodywash at the last hotel (damnit!). After that, we just walked around and checked out the town. Its just... Continue Reading →

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