Over the Castle on the Hill….to Inverness

October 10, 2022 It was a bit rough waking up this morning, Lauren said I talked in my sleep and when my alarm went off for the first time apparently I said “noooo” out loud! Anyway, after getting showered and dressed we had to pack our stuff up! We are heading to Inverness today!! But... Continue Reading →

Go Pack, noooooo!!

October 9, 2022 My day started very early this morning, my alarm was set for 330, but I woke up at 3am, so excited to go see my Packers in London! Lauren was not as excited about my early departure, but thankfully I think I was able to be quiet enough to keep her sleeping. ... Continue Reading →

Two Castles, neither on a hill

October 6, 2022 Today Lauren finally made it! Wooohoo!! However, it meant I had to leave the beautiful Airbnb at the farm at 630 am. It was such a lovely evening, I slept VERY well and was refreshed when I woke up. The rain had begun, it wasn't horrible, but enough that driving on the... Continue Reading →

Arriving in Scotland

October 5, 2022 My trip to Scotland took 3 planes and 18ish hours, but I made it in one piece AND so did my checked bag! This day in age, I call that a win! First stop, Dallas (DFW). I had about 3 hours here and thankfully because of my status (which I will lose... Continue Reading →

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