PARIS! And France….no underpants

Well I don't actually know when I left off, so I'll start with my train trip. Since I was able to change my ticket, I was a little nervous I would be with hoodlums, since I was leaving that night, but instead I was with 2 Koreans, a mom and daughter, the extent of their... Continue Reading →


Oh golly where do I start with Madrid? Well I'll start off by saying I don't like it. Not any one thing in particular, but just not satisfied with the city. When I arrived I was excited, first because it was the nicest train I have ever been on (truly like a first class plane ride!!) And second... Continue Reading →

It’s been too long

Wow, I haven't blogged in a few days! Well let's start with my train ride to Barcelona. I had all girls in my 4 bed car, that was nice, and they were all young. 2 other girls (one from London, one from LA) they were back packing too. They are Jewish, and one is going... Continue Reading →

A train ride

Today I had to say goodbye to Riomaggiore and say hello to Milan (only for 5 hours-ish). I caught the train with Lisa and Emma to the first stop, they continued onto Pisa, then Florence and I switched trains to Milan. The train ride was 3 hours, 3 long hours and I was so tired,... Continue Reading →

Last day in Cinque Terre

Today is my last day here, and I just didn't know what to do. I laid in bed until about 9, then got up and people watched from my window until about 10. Then I got ready, bought a banana and a yogurt and headed out to another town. I caught the train to the... Continue Reading →

Let’s go for a hike

Well first I must fill you in last night. After the beach, I ran into Pip. Pip checked in with me, and is in another room. She invited me out for a drink with her and her roommates, so I decided to go. We went to the same place I went to lunch at. We... Continue Reading →

First day on my own!

Well goodness! My day started early, and now I'm starting to get tired, and its only 7pm here!! (Ps, I'm writing this from the rocky beach in town) I'll start where I left off, on my train ride... I arrived at my destination 30 minutes late, and caught the next local train to my final... Continue Reading →


Oh goodness, let's see here we will start with yesterday (8-19-08)... Once we arrived back at our beautiful room, with the patio, we got settled in. I repacked by backpack, twice, and packed my suitcase for home. We decided to go find the Fendi store for Susan. So that means, Spanish steps. There is a so called 'shopping triangel' of all the... Continue Reading →

Sorrento and Capri

Our hotel is just amazing. The view is to die for and it is hard to leave. Yesterday (8-19) we headed out to Capri. Capri is a very small island, on 4 miles by 2 miles, but it is beautiful! There are no sandy beaches in either Sorrento or Capri, just cliffs and rocks. We... Continue Reading →

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