All the pictures I wasnt supposed to take

Today was an early day for us, as I had secured tickets to the necropolis under St Peter's Basilica. I did this way back when I came to Italy the first time with Carthage back in 2014. I didnt realize you could request tickets until Susan mentioned it when I was back in Chicago a... Continue Reading →

Back to Rome we go!

Today we are heading back to Rome. After yesterday's busy train and today being a Sunday we decided to buy our ticket online yesterday, so we have a train time and are ready to go at 126pm. So, after breakfast we headed out to take the water bus down the grand canal. It took WAY... Continue Reading →

The place of liquid roads

Today we headed to Venice! This was top of mom's list to see. Originally we were going to day trip from Rome via flight - but they had canceled it a while back. At the last minute I swapped around a couple things and added it back in via bullet train. We decided to take... Continue Reading →

Mom, lets climb some stairs!

Today we woke up to more bug bites (if you can believe it, I am up to over 100 bug bites on my arms). Dont worry though, they are like mosquitos or no-see-ems. The only randomly itch and havent welted up. Anyway - we have only two items on the agenda today: to climb the... Continue Reading →

Headed to florence

Today - we are heading to Florence! We slept in a bit this morning, I crashed last night, but mom apparently didnt get good sleep - so she was exhausted. I was up with the sun! We got ready, had some breakfast and then checked out. We ended up taking a taxi to the train... Continue Reading →

Covered in dust

Today we headed to Herculaneum and Pompeii. But first, breakfast! The hotel offered a buffet, moms first experience. I got the usual - eggs, cheese and yogurt. Mom got yogurt, pastries, some meat. It was a nice way to start the day, especially because of the view! After breakfast we headed back to the train... Continue Reading →

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