Den Haag…another day with no joke

Sunday August 11 – Den Haag I slept in again today – my back was hunting again – but I had looked yesterday and almost everything was closed until noon today, so there was no reason to rush out of the house. I love taking walking tours and recommend them to anyone traveling. Usually it... Continue Reading →

Den Haag – The Hague….

Saturday, August 10 I was so tired from traveling that I slept in until about 9am! It was wonderful actually, minus the fact that my back always hurts when I sleep that long. I decided to get ready for the day so I can catch my train to Amsterdam. I always wonder how older people... Continue Reading →

Show me the way OUT of San Jose

Thursday, August 8 – Friday, August 9 I worked today before my 8pm flight – but didn’t walk enough and when you are going to be stuck on a plane for 10+ hours, getting in your steps becomes very important. So after my very slow (not just because of traffic, but because my driver really... Continue Reading →

What Im all about…

Lets be real. If you read blogs or follow traveler accounts on Instagram or Facebook - you dream of living your life through them. You want the followers they have, the experiences they have - but, you are a real world human who has to go to work on Monday morning. I am that person... Continue Reading →

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