Disappointments on our last day

I slept so well last night. The bed was nice, but the temperature was just right! It was a beautiful night so we slept with the windows open instead of the AC. We went to breakfast and it was buffet style again. It was set up very nicely and had lots to choose from. It... Continue Reading →

Bom Bidi Bom Jesus

Our Porto hotel has by far been our favorite. It was very nice, excellent customer service and we LOVED the location. I mean, in reality it was Chris and his research into the hotels that allowed us to have such great stays. We had a patio off our room, robes, a great bathroom - it... Continue Reading →

More bones, duh!

We got up earlier than breakfast today so we could walk around town since we didnt get here until basically it was closed for the night yesterday. On our way out we asked to move breakfast to 10 so we could stop at the bone church (wooohoo) BEFORE we ate. They had an opening, so... Continue Reading →

When everything works out!

This morning we got up and enjoyed some breakfast - but not before being very much out of it because of a one hour time change between Portugal and Gibraltar. For some reason that really threw off our bodies clocks. Anyway, after breakfast I packed my stuff up and Chris and I took his suitcase... Continue Reading →

Gibraltar!! We are HERE!

This morning we started out with breakfast on the roof at our little B&B - it was pre-plated for us, so we just took what we wanted from each other's plates. I had two hard boiled eggs, grilled cheese sandwich and some water. Chris has ham and cheese sandwich, watermelon and some tea. After breakfast... Continue Reading →

From Lisbon to Faro

Today we left Lisbon, but not before checking out the last two things on our to do list: the oldest bookshop in the world and the Cathedral (Se Cathedral). We first headed to the bookstore that opened at 9am. Google told us it would take about 10 minutes, so we went walking. Of course, its... Continue Reading →

Lisbon Day 2!

I was EXHAUSTED last night. Apparently I read for about 1 minute before falling asleep. That being said I woke up and felt rested and ready for another day of exploring. But first, breakfast. They have a breakfast buffet downstairs, but you have to wear a glove when you are picking up your items. They... Continue Reading →


This morning I woke up and wanted to eat some breakfast before heading to the airport – turns out our hotel didn’t have breakfast (even slummy hotels have breakfast, and this wasn’t a slummy hotel!). I had to wait about 30 minutes for the shuttle, but then was dropped off right by ticketing. There were... Continue Reading →

Trying to get to Lisbon

Well, today is the day - international travel is back! (I mean for me at least, its been back for a while, but I was waiting for the right time). Chris and I are meeting in Lisbon tomorrow. I started my day early - around 5am. I was so excited to travel, I couldnt sleep.... Continue Reading →

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