Elephant Nature Park day 2

I got the best night sleep of the trip yet!! I honestly don’t know if it was because of the amazing fresh air flowing through the room or Boots snuggling with my legs like Cali does. I’m only getting about 6-7 hours of sleep, but at least last night it was good sleep.

I woke up around 3am to Boots talking, and realized she was talking to another cat!! I now had 2 cats in my room. The other cat was an orange tabby looking cat. When I turned my flashlight on it saw it’s shadow in the mirror and hissed and attacked. Shortly after I curled back up and heard one of the cats getting sick. I knew I had to turn on the light in the morning before I stepped out of the netting. Cats I tell ya, interesting creatures. Glad I heard the cat getting sick. (hairball) I realized it was the tabby that had gotten sick, right at the foot of the bed on the floor. Glad I checked for sure!!

I attempted to take a shower. It was warm for about 3 minutes. And while I shower fast, apparently I wasn’t fast enough. All of a sudden the water was cold and never got warm again. However, just like yesterday it was ok because I wasn’t dying when I get out of the shower.

We had breakfast at 7 then took another walk through the park. Each walk they take us to each elephant and tell us a little bit about their story. All the stories so sad, the elephants really are gentle Giants and it’s crushing to hear how their soul was decimated by their previous owners.

After the walk we packed up our rooms and had a bit of free time. I just hung out in the table area, you sit 3 feet from the elephants when they are in the area and it’s just a beautiful place to watch the world go by. It’s also full of dogs and cats which provide for entertainment as well.

They took us up the hill to another buffet like so we had an overview look of the park. It was actually very peaceful and felt like a whole other planet up there.

After lunch we got to go feed an elephant. Her name is Tilly and she was awesome. We went to the river and she was there waiting for us to feed her bananas. We had about 50 pounds of bananas for her and we all took time feeding her and touching her trunk. She loved the bananas and was just spectacular to admire up close. She attempted to eat my go pro, so I can’t wait to see what that looks like!! She went into the river and had a bath after she finished the bananas.

After we finished hanging out with Tilly we went to the elephant kitchen and helped prepare rice balls. Rice, oats, bananas (peeled byus), rice wheat (outside of the rice), and some corn we’re all smooshed (by us)  into tennis ball size servings for the elderly elephant. Elephants loose their teeth around age 60 and usually die within 10 years after loosing them, but in captivity since they can be fed soft food they can live to be over 90!!

That was our last activity at the Nature Park. They loaded us in our vans and took us back into Chiang Mai to drop us off at our hotels. I had booked at a different hotel and boy did I pick right. It’s like a resort. It apparently has 3 pools, spa, 3 restaurants, and a coffee shop. The room is nice, very American though. It even has a mini bar. But for $37/night I couldn’t pass up the nice amenities.

I gentured out into Chiang Mai to find some dinner. There are massage places everywhere so I ended up getting a massage first.

Thai massages are painful. But after you can literally feel your muscles. Not painful, but warm. My back didn’t hurt at all, if anything it helped because of the stretching. They do stand on you. And I don’t know how they keep their balance. But it was good. Glad I did it. A whole $10 with tip for the hour long massage!!

Found a quick little place for dinner on my way back to the hotel and had some pad Thai and spring rolls. Food here is more expensive than Bangkok but it’s still so cheap. I paid less than $10 for dinner as well!!

Tomorrow I’m going to explore the town. I heard there is a peak you can climb so I’ll check that out first.

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