Back to Rome we go!

Today we are heading back to Rome. After yesterday’s busy train and today being a Sunday we decided to buy our ticket online yesterday, so we have a train time and are ready to go at 126pm. So, after breakfast we headed out to take the water bus down the grand canal.

It took WAY longer than I thought, so we turned around after St Marks and headed back – sadly we ran out of time to get mom some of that yummy pizza from the night before. We loaded up our stuff from the hotel and crossed the bridge to the train station. We did some people watching outside before heading inside to grab a snack before the train ride.

The train ride is about 4 hours so I upgraded us to premium cabin with leather chairs and they are supposed to be a little nicer. I havent quite figured it out why, but you do get drink service. Mom of course just asks for more drinks (just water) but they give it to her.

We made it to Rome and had a nice 10 minute walk to our hotel. We are staying at the ever so fancy, Double Tree by Hilton. In reality, it is very fancy by European standards, big bathroom, big beds (twin, but big twin), mini fridge, etc.

Once we settled into our room we headed out for dinner – and boy did we strike gold! Crazy enough it was like the first place we came upon, but it was sooooooo good!! We got caprese salad, 4 cheese pizza and 4 cheese gnocchi. It may have been the best gnocchi and pizza that we (ok me for sure) have had this trip.

After our super yummy dinner we walked up the street for gelato before heading back to the hotel for the night.

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