Lisbon Day 2!

I was EXHAUSTED last night. Apparently I read for about 1 minute before falling asleep. That being said I woke up and felt rested and ready for another day of exploring. But first, breakfast.

They have a breakfast buffet downstairs, but you have to wear a glove when you are picking up your items. They provided one on the plates at the table. I had my European usual of muesli and yogurt along with some cheese, fruit, orange juice and of course bread. It was all very delicious!

After breakfast, off we went! We hopped on the tram right outside our hotel – the goal was to get to Mosteiro dos Jeronimos. It was about a 20 minute ride on the tram and right before our stop we noticed a park with a statue so when we got off we backtracked to that park to take pictures and also to kill some time because the monastery wasnt yet open. We had about 20 minutes to kill before opening and there was a queue forming already. We decided to walk over once we saw the people moving.

The monastery was pretty cool. It was a bit expensive at $10 to get in but worth it for the beautiful architecture. The church was closed to guests as it was Sunday and they do like 6 services throughout the day….

After the monastery we headed to Torre de Belem (the Belem tower). We were expecting things to be closed today because its a holiday (The Assumption of Mary) – however the tower was closed due to renovation. Interestingly enough google didnt mention this (its usually pretty accurate). So that adventure went much quicker than expected. After being disappointed with not being able to access the tower we decided to head to the National Museum of Art. Of course we had to climb like 100 steps to get there – there is always a theme with Chris!! (Stairs, stairs, stairs!) We saw silver and gold tableware, toiletry sets, furniture and more. It was pretty interesting as it was the first bed I had ever seen in a museum.

After the art museum we decided to head back to the hotel for a water fill up and refresh. We got super lucky and our tram ended up being an old trolley this time! The guy started yelling at this lady on the trolley and the driver kicked him off. It was nice to see rudeness being taken care of.

We got back to the hotel and decided on a snack before taking a break. I got a code fish ball (cheese, dough, codfish) because its a staple here and Chris got gelato and some pastries for our drive tomorrow.

After our break we went to the last museum we planned to see here in Lisbon, the tile museum. They made a QR code out of tiles that would link you to their audio tour (we didnt download it, neither of us had headphones). Anyway, it was pretty cool. Lots of tile art and lots of stairs. There were also two sets of bone set ups in the chapel. By the way, many of the museums here are in old monastery – they make an excellent location for museums as they have many rooms and have a flow to them.

We were able to catch a cab back to the hotel where we attempted to figure out where to eat. We had found this one place online and then the hotel also told us about it. We asked if they could make reservations – they didnt have another opening until NEXT Sunday. So back to Google we went. We found this place called Eating Bear. The hotel was able to make us a reservation and we headed over for dinner.

We got a nice window seat and sat down to enjoy our meal. The staff was amazing, service was great and food was flavorful! It is supposed to be tapas style, but Chris doesnt like fish and I dont like meat. So instead, we just ate our own main course and shared others. He even got to cook his veal on a grill at the table!

After dinner we walked back to the hotel and got some gelato nearby before heading back to the hotel to rest before another fun filled day tomorrow!

We are driving to Fara, Portugal tomorrow! Onward and upward (ok really down, because its South).

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