Trying to get to Lisbon

Well, today is the day – international travel is back! (I mean for me at least, its been back for a while, but I was waiting for the right time). Chris and I are meeting in Lisbon tomorrow. I started my day early – around 5am. I was so excited to travel, I couldnt sleep. I slept at moms house last night to make it easier to catch an Uber or Lyft – however, that didnt work out right and there were no Ubers available (it said NO CARS?!) and Lyft was over $75….so mom was kind enough to take me to the airport.

From there, it was an easy peasy flight to DFW. The middle seat was open, and I was able to crash for the last 2 hours of the flight. However, that is when then easy peasy ended.

I was able to get into the Admirals Club lounge because of my status (all that flying has paid off). I sat in there for a few hours, eating far too many purple grapes and cheddar cheese chunks. I downloaded more shows for my tablet, ate some cookies and rice crispies.

I packed up and went to the gate about 5 minutes before we were boarding. However, when I got there the gate agent was telling someone “this is a maintenance issue.” So, I hung out by the gate for over an hour. During that time, I heard the gate agent say that it was a cracked windshield. At that point, I knew we were going to be delayed for longer than 2 hours.

A drunk woman approached the gate agent and the gate agent took her boarding passes because she was too intoxicated to fly. It was great. Major props to American Airlines for NOT letting her on. She could barely walk in a straight line, her words were slurred and she just didnt look good. She also did not understand they were not going to let her on the flight.

I waited for about an hour, then decided to head back to the lounge. When I was walking away they announced it would be at least 2 hours. At the two hour mark I checked the status of the flight, they had switched gates – we got a new plane!

This gate was like a 20 minute walk, so I took my time to get there. Once there the pilots got on board, they had to reissue us tickets because the plane layout had changed. We got our new tickets, they delayed the flight again and then all of a sudden the pilots walked back off the plane….the tower had not agreed to let us go.

Once the pilot crew was gone, they attempted to get us another one, but they knew we werent going out tonight. they issued use hotel vouchers via text or email and I took off with my new friends from Sacramento (Kelly and Bobby). We shared an Uber to our hotel and then checked into our rooms.

We kept texting and calling each other for the next hour – the flight status kept changing and things. We finally got texts about an hour after we got there, our flight had been officially canceled and I was going to Miami in the morning….they were on the same flight, just a day later.

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