How crazy is life in C19 era?

Well, I hope this post is finding you well: healthy, sane and ready for your next adventure. I for one have been going pretty stir crazy and have found myself longing to hit the open skies and FLY!! Far, far away from reality.

The first question most people whom I dont talk to on a daily basis ask me is, “Are you going crazy?” Of course, my response is an absolute “YES.” But, I have also had an opportunity to buy a house, move into said house and unpack the boxes that I can. You see, the same day I moved into my brand new house, so did my cousin-in-laws and their three year old son. Thankfully, it is just temporary, as I dont do well with roommates anymore (or lets be real, I never really did). However, since I sold my house over a year ago and knew I wasnt going to be buying one immediately, I sold like everything. As in, I am a 36 year old with no couch, table or chairs to my name. I own 3 houses, but no real furniture other than my bed an two Ikea dressers.

So, in reality you see, I have embarked on an adventure – a roommate adventure!! In my old house I rented rooms to nurses or on Airbnb to essentially pay for my house since I was rarely there. However, my HOA in this house seems much more strict, so I wont be doing that. However, this house has solar – so I invested in a Tesla Powerwall (If you have solar, get one, itll save you even MORE money in the long run). Since my cousin-in-laws are paying a small rent every month, Im just using that to pay off those loans (since who has $40k lying around AFTER you buy a house??).

I also have decided to plant a lemon and lime tree, reseed my backyard and even try compositing with worms. Since I will never have this amount of time at home, Im going to take advantage of it!

Cali and the lime tree (and the grass that is QUICKLY growing)

When the pandemic first started I actually had to drive to a couple of different job sites, down to Monterey Bay, to SFO airport and to Merced, CA. Fun facts, in most of those places I saw no more than 3 people in one area at a time, often only 1 or two people within an hour. At SFO – one of the largest airports in the world – I saw 1, ONE passenger!! On one gate board it said “There are only 4 passengers on the flights, please social distance.” I was there a week ago again and this time saw 6 passengers. I even saw people disembark off the plane, there were 3 passengers, 2 pilots and 3 flight attendants.

Since being stuck at home and not flying anywhere, I have had time to create a daily schedule, unofficially of course. I start my day with a run or walk (WOOOHOOO) and which my dog, Cali, appreciates as well. I work during the day (from wherever I wish) and then end the day early around 745-8pm with journaling in my 5 year journal and my Start Where You Are journal followed by about an hour of reading. Its allowed me to really wind down before getting into bed and center myself in calm before trying to sleep. I should be direct and say NONE of this is normal for me. I thrive in randomized life. It can be tough, like when I was training for a marathon but spent most nights away from home, working 10-12 hours a day, walking 6-10 miles a day for work, then coming back to the hotel and attempting to run 6-10 miles, plus 15+ on Sundays. But for now, its been nice; and I am thankful it is only temporary.

I miss waking up in random cities, I wish being delayed by weather, I miss annoying gate lice lining up to board the plane, when they are in group 9. I miss it all. Im thankful to keep my status on American, Alaska and with Hilton.

Im also super lucky to not know anyone who has OFFICIALLY been diagnosed with C19. We have a couple of family members who I believe have had it, but there is no real way to know at this point. This also means, I know no one who has passed. I also dont really know of anyone who has lost their job due to the pandemic. All of us have been affected in some way – for us, we arent traveling, for others they are working from home. And yet, in all of this, it is still very scary. I still wear my mask everywhere – even though things are opening up. I will continue to wear my mask until rates really do start going down.

I will wear my mask when I fly. I plan on wearing my mask to restaurants (once I am finally comfortable going back to eat at) until it is time to eat. I just dont want to play with my health or anyone else’s at this point.

So Ill continue to check out my new neighborhood, and avoid going out to eat. But I will continue to support small local businesses and restaurants with take out or social distance early morning shopping. And when the skies are safe again, I plan on jumping on a plane and clapping when we land.

My neighborhood uses goats and sheep to mow the open space!

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