The most beautiful gem

Friday, August 16

I slept in today because I was so exhausted from yesterday. Its crazy how traveling can where you out – even though I am just sitting there on a train watching my tablet. I need to get better at wearing my blue light glasses, because it really does help.

The cleaning lady actually woke me up – and I am not complaining – having an extra clean bathroom is always nice. However, I am not sure what else she cleaned because the kitchen table and counters were still dirty after she left – but hey clean bathroom for me!

I was showered and headed to the train station where I can catch a bus to Lichtenstein. It was two whole Francs and the ride was all of 10 minutes. I had to change buses in the town over the boarder to head to the capitol, Vaduz. They still have a birth order monarchy and still live and work in the castle there. However, they also have a democracy – seems complicated but they are a happy people.

Last night was their 300th anniversary – I saw fireworks from the balcony. So today, they were cleaning up. I walked around the main square and down the main street to their church and they must have had some high officials coming because security was high and they made everyone cross the street when a car pulled up. A guy got out of his car and I had no idea who he was – did not seem like anyone else in town, but the security, did either.

There was no data for phones on this side of the Rein so I was off to find Wi-Fi so I could figure out what to do. Luckily, I was able to find some and I figured out there was a hike/walk up to the castle – so off I went!

It only took about 20 minutes to get to the castle, but it was such a pretty hike – from the trees to the views. Since it was their big anniversary party, they still had stages set up and the lawn had been stomped all over. However, today was bright and sunny, so the ground was drying up. I want to sit on a bench and do a little reading. The views from the hill were so pretty and the weather so nice I did not want to go back down.

After I read for an hour and had a snack, I decided to walk a path I had seen some people venture down. On top of the hill, I had data service so I saw the path lead up the mountain and to another part of town. I figured if nothing else I would just check out the other part of town. Nevertheless, the walk was easy. It had gravel and drainage routes so I decided to keep going up the hill. I ended up walking up the mountain, about halfway for about an hour and a half. It was so pretty, but it was for sure a hill! I got to a point where I figured I should not keep going if I wanted to be able to move tomorrow so I headed back down the hill to town. At 4430pm there is a little train you can take a tour of the city on.

Once back down in the square I headed to the booth to buy my ticket and they were sold out! They only do it two times a day – but I guess they sold out because of the anniversary celebration.

Instead, I opted to read a bit and people watch – but first I wanted to find a postcard to send Heidi’s dad since his love of Liechtenstein is why I even came.

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