Sorrento and Capri

Our hotel is just amazing. The view is to die for and it is hard to leave. Yesterday (8-19) we headed out to Capri. Capri is a very small island, on 4 miles by 2 miles, but it is beautiful! There are no sandy beaches in either Sorrento or Capri, just cliffs and rocks. We drove downtown Sorrento and parked our car in a ‘garage’ which really is just a cave, and then headed to our boat. The boat ride was only about 20 minutes long, and boats, unlike trains, never are on time. They are always late. We arrived on Capri Island, and immediately got our tickets to get on another boat to go to the Blue Grotto.

The Blue Grotto is a large cave, with a very tiny enterance (about 4×4 feet) that once your inside there is no sunlight, but the bluest water. The water almost looks like there is lights underneath it lighting up the water, but its all natural.

Our boat ride was supposed to go straight to the Blue Grotto, then around the island, but there was a long line at the grotto, so we went backwards. The island of Capri is cliffy. Sophia Lorenz has a house, that maybe a moped to get to, but that’s all. Its way up high, with like a tiny bridge crossing some of the cliffs. The water is clear and beautiful greens and blues. The boat tour was nice and relaxed, and gave up-close tours of some of the larger grottos on the island. We finally got to the Blue Grotto, and it is a sight to see. Upon approach, there are about 10 boats, and 10 dingies. And the dingies look like they are trying to break through the rock, because you really can’t see the enterance to the grotto. We did some donuts in the water to pass some time, then anchored the boat and the dingies soon arrived. Only 4 people per dingie, and €10 per person for the ride and the enterance fee. Dad and I got in the 3rd dingie, and I got to cuddle with a nice Italian couple in the back, while dad got the front. We paid the rower and got in line to enter the grotto, after about 15 minutes it was our turn. Our rower had to wait for the waves to be just right, the he pulled on this chain to get the boat through the tiny hole. We all had to lay down, including the rower, to get through the hole. On the inside, the cave is huge, and the water is so beautiful and neon blue. If you took a picture with flash, it couldn’t capture the beautiful blue. We were rowed around the cave (less than 5 minutes) while our rower sang, along with all the other rowers. Then we got back in line to get out. We got hit by a big wave that through our boat into the wall, it was an experience! We finally got out on the 3rd try and arrived 98% dry! Then we headed back to the marina.

We decided to try and go to the city center, so we started the climb, up lots of stairs, and steep angles. We quit after about 15 minutes, because we hadn’t even made it half way to the top, and we still needed to eat lunch before our boat left for Sorrento. We ate at a small cafe on the pier, we had fresh fruit salad and fries. Fries just taste so wonderful here! No ketchup needed (not that I would use it anyway). Oh and ketchup, for those who like it, is just like tomato paste, its just tomatoes and viniger, no sugar like in the US.

We got on our boat, and my seat was kicked the whole 20 minute ride by a wonderful Italian kid who screamed a lot. Anyway, once we got back to Sorrento we got our car and headed to another parking garage to park for dinner. We walked around a little and took our time finding our restaurant. We followed Rick Steve’s advice and ate at a wonderful little restaurant in an alley. It had great pizza, and was cheap! Our cheapest meal yet! We headed to Davide il Gelato, anther Rick Steve’s recommendation, for some great gelato. They had 60 flavors to chose from!

We headed back to the hotel, which proved to be the most difficult part of the whole trip. We made it up the tiny road ok, but there was NO place to park. So we had to go up farther and come back down, but dad hit the wall going up because its so narrow, and then parking, hit the rocks. No real damage, just scuffs, but he was flustered. We just hung around the hotel last night, I uploaded pictures and then passed out!

Today when we returned the vehicle, no damages we noted! Yeah! We are no sitting in the train station, in the McDonalds, dad got a coffee and I got a Fanta and we are just waiting for our train to come and take us to Roma. 
Dad leaves Friday. But first, on Thursday, we must celebrate his birthday! 

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