Travel Day, Pompeii, and Vesuvius!

Yesterday was an extremely long, extremely boring day! We got up a 6am, ate breakfast, then headed to the train station (via water bus!) We had to go to the main land to catch our train to Naples. We were early, but it was good, because we got to store our luggage in our compartment on the train. Sadly, one stop away from Venice, we picked up 3 lovely children (9, 6, 3) and their parents, who could not control them. I got kicked, a Kleenex thrown on me, and some kid kept pulling dads leg hair! Thank goodness they left in Rome, so we only had to ride with them for like 4 hours, instead of the 8 all the way down to Naples. In Roma, some slutty girls and their nasty male friends hopped in our cabin, because they didnt think anyone else would join, thank goodness our Indian friends came along and had seats next to us. These folks were just so nice, they told me to go to India and that it was safe in certain areas, so I should check, but that I could have a great time there. They were very nice, and were going to Pompeii and Herculaneum today, but we didnt see them. We finally made it to Naples, then had to find our car. Dad ROCKED! the driving through Naples. We missed one turn (my fault) otherwise, we were right on que! Dad just amazes me at his driving ability, I think it might have something to do with the fact he has to drive in Chicago a lot now. Our hotel is AMAZING! we have the most beautiful view of the city, and the bay. Oh goodness, its just wonderful! As soon as I have enough time I will label all my pictures, probably in September… (sorry)

Today we headed out around 930 for POMPEII! I was here like 4 years ago now (woah!) and just loved it. I never realized how big it was, and neither did dad when he saw it. It was amazing, again! It was nice not to be freezing while I was there this time, except this time I got sunburned. No happy medium for me. We saw all the best things to see there, in about 2.5 hours. I saw the place where Ben and I broke in last time, and its still not open to the public. It looks like they are doing new excavations as well. Its never ending! After Pompeii, we at a quick lunch, then headed on the bus to Vesuvius. HOLY ROAD TRIP! It took us like an hour to drive up, all the twists and turns, and the road is 2 ways, but in the States, it would be lucky if it was a legal 1 way! Our bus did a lot of honking on the way up! Once we go there, it was a 30 minute hike to the top. They mean climb, hike, crawl if you have to. Its gravel, like pee gravel, and awful. But we did it, WITHOUT STOPPING! It had the most beautiful view of the Naples Bay and Sorrento and Pompeii was down there somewhere, I just never saw it. This was the first volcano I had ever seen, and climbed, and it was beautiful! It even steamed a little for my camera to take a picture!

We got back, and missed our shuttle to the hotel, so we decided to eat in town. Rick Steve’s book got us a great little restaurant, and the owner was so nice. He brought us Lemonchillo after dinner, I think I was drunk off a little shot. But it was so much fun to eat at this restaurant. It had lemon trees, and no roof!

Tomorrow we are going to Capri!

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