Last Day in Venice

Well today was overcast when we first headed out, we made reservations for a Grand Canal tour in the evening, so we wanted to get to Murrano and see the glass blowing factories. But first dad had to buy more Murrano glass from the shops, for gifts. After that we headed back to the hotel to drop off the stuff then headed to the water bus. We got on the water bus, and headed over, its so cool to take boats everywhere, and not see a car in days!!

Murrano was cool, a small version of Venice, but today is a holiday, so almost everything was closed. All the big factories were closed, and we just happened to get mixed up with a tour, and get a private show! It was soo cool, the guy made a vase and a horse, all of a sudden, boom, a horse!

After Murrano we headed back to our room, because as soon as we got back to Venice it started pouring. We decided to head back to the room for a little bit, maybe 30 minutes, and clean up, then we wanted to go feed the pigeons (which they used to sell feed in the square, but now, its illegal to feed them everywhere except St. Marks). It was still raining after our break, so we sat in the hotel lobby and wished the rain to stop. I went and bought an umbrella, and as soon as I did, it stopped raining. We headed over to the tour.

The tour was cool, we got a history lesson and a beautiful photo taking oppertunities. I was able to use my self timer and take a picture of dad and I infront of the oldest bridge. It was really cool.

As soon as we got back to St. Marks we went to feed the pigeons! It was sooo cool, the birds loved dad, I got some really cool pictures of them eating out of dads hands. I had like 3 birds on my arm at once, it was sooo cool! But as soon as we got done feeding the birds it started to rain again. So dad and I headed back to the hotel to eat dinner. I had a screaming french kid kicking me most of the dinner, so that sucked, but the food was good. Now we are just watching CNN International getting ready for bed!

We go to Sorrento tomorrow! Yeah!

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