Dad and I have been having a good time in Venice, not doing much at all!

Yesterday when we got here, we just people watched most of the day, we had to go to a supermarket because I left my bodywash at the last hotel (damnit!). After that, we just walked around and checked out the town. Its just so much fun here to see all the differnet “streets” whcih are really alleys, and the water that runs through the city. The water is so beautiful, nice and light green! The gondolas are EVERYWHERE, and are VERY expensive, about $150 for an hour! Geesh! We ate right on the water, and I had some salmon, changing up my pasta and pizza diet for a while. We headed to bed early again, the heat is just awful!

Today dad and I got to eat breakfast right out on the water again! Its beautiful! We headed to St. Marks Square to go see the church, thank goodness for my Rick Steves book, because we skipped the BIG, LONG line and headed to the bag check, and got to skip the line! They assume youve waited in line, and have been told you cant take it in, so they let you cut the line, so you dont have to wait again. St. Marks church is all wavey inside, the floor is all wavey and yet stays together, all because of all the flooding theyve had over all the years. Last time I was here, it was just me, Jer and Dee, but this time there were like 1000 people in there! So it was a little disapointing. After that we headed to the new bell tower (new meaning built in like 1910, because the old lighthouse fell in 1902). Dad agreed to see this tower, because it had an elevator. The pictures will be beautiful once I get them up online, it was just so amazing to see all the different views from the top! We people watched again after that, in the shade of course, its just so fun to see where everyone is from!

We headed down to the glass shops on the ‘main drag’ shopping area, kinda like Michigan Ave in Chicago. Dad got some cool vases and I bargined with this guy and got him down 1/3 in price, and I got him to through in a wine stopper! We headed back to the hotel to drop off the very heavy glass, and I feel asleep for like an hour, I was just so tired! The heat is just awful! We went to dinner around 6, again on the water, and then people watched some more! Its nice all this relaxing we are doing here! We walked to the cheap gelato place (we found a different way to get there, on accident) and then went back to St. Marks square to people watch again.

When I got back to the hotel, I realized really that it was too dangerous to go to parts of eastern Europe, so I needed to fly to Athens. I will be flying from Milan, Italy to Athens, Greece, instead of taking the train through some other countries. But this way I can see Switzerland now!

Well, off to bed, the good news is, tomorrow its going to be cooler…but rainy…but COOLER!

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