Relaxing day 2

Another slow morning, it’s very odd because even at home I don’t stay in bed late. But I’m forcing myself to relax before I venture on to Malaysia and Singapore.

Today I hung out at the pool. I really realized how bad my back was burned this morning so I borrowed some scissors from the front desk and cut the sleeves off one of my shirts. I realized I didn’t need to have a farmers tan, I just needed to protect my back. So I did. I took the now tank shirt off to swim, only for about 30 minutes at s time. Swimming just feels so good. The pool is cooler than the air, but nice and warm, not hot.

I finished my book, Hidden Figures, I highly recommend the book. Goes in way more detail and history on the girls. Even the epilogue is good!! Now I’ve moved on to the Elizabeth Smart book. I actually got about halfway through it down at the pool.

When I got back upstairs I realized I needed to do some laundry or I would run out of clean clothes in Malaysia. Since this hotel offers laundry I took them up on it. Turns out I could save myself more than half if I did it myself. So for 200 baht I washed and dried my own clothes, they even gave me the soap and fabric softener.

While the clothes were in the wash I decided to try the ear spa. My friend Dana and I had heard about these ear massages so I figured this must be it. The picture shows ear candling, but I figured for 500 baht (roughly $17) I must get a massage. Nope just ear candling. Bummer!!

I switched my laundry and headed out for dinner. I decided to try a place right on the water since the sun was about to start setting. Food was good, views were great.

After dinner I went back to my usual massage house and got a foot massage. They use menthol cream and oil on your feet and legs. I can never get enough though. When you get a foot massage at this place, they finish with a mini neck and head massage. It may be my favorite part.

After my massage, back to the hotel to grab my laundry and head up to blog. It’s been so nice and relaxing, I see why lots of people vacation here. The vibe is just relaxing.

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