First day of relaxing….it was exhausting

My goal for today was to sit on the beach, read my book and get tan. This whole getting up at 6am makes for long mornings….so around 8 am I lathered up and headed down to the beach.

A nice little 3 minute walk from the hotel to beach!! Tide was low so the beach was huge. I found a spot in the shade (let’s be real there was only one other person sitting on the beach at 815…) My goal was to drink my entire bottle of water this morning to keep myself hydrated. After about 2 hours I had napped half the time and read half the time. I decided to get in the water as the tide had come up more. Sadly the water wasn’t as clear at this time of the morning, I got in waist deep and enjoyed the bath water temperature sea water. Back to the towel I went and continued reading.

Around 11 I gave up and went to the pool at the hotel. I wanted to float and relieve pressure on my back, and the ocean wasn’t cooperating. I decided since I hadn’t been walking around today I would do some laps. I can tell ya I am out of shape based on my swimming alone. My lunch was a protein shake then back to the pool.

I managed to lather up every two hours today and learned the most important thing about traveling alone. One cannot reach their entire back, when you are inflexible. So I’m burned. I tried so hard!!

Well I walked the town for a bit and found an Indian/Thai food place. Crazy but it’s not the only one I’ve seen. I had Massaman curry again, yummy yummy!!

I went back to the same massage place and got a thai massage. I’ve decided that Thai massages are torture during. Pure torture. My muscles actually are in pain, not just discomfort. But after I feel so good!! Like flexible and shit. But it is really making me realize that I need to do yoga. Damn it!! 

Grabbed an ice cream cone on the walk back to the hotel and called it a night.

There is currently a crazy loud thunderstorm happening and I am so excited!! Should be cleared up by morning – then storms again in the afternoon. They come and go so quickly around here!! Sorry for the boring day – it was nice and relaxing tho!!

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