Phuket to Phi Phi to Krabi

I slept like a baby last night. Swimming and the sun for sure make me a better sleeper!! So here’s to 4 nights of fabulous sleep!!

The van picked me up for my “all inclusive” direct ferry to Ao Nang Beach (Krabi Province). It was a great deal 1000 baht (around $33) for a shuttle from my hotel to the ferry. When I got to the ferry terminal they put a sticker on me so they could tell me where to get off (a half a dozen colors or so) and handed me a ticket from Phi Phi to Ao Nang. I asked about a direct ferry (since that’s what I paid for, not the price was any different) and they said they didn’t have one so I’d have to transfer in Phi Phi.

Essentially a 3 hour boat ride to Phi Phi because of the stops and then I had 4 hours to kill on the Island with like no beaches. It’s a super popular destination point and maybe there are beaches I didn’t see on the tour around Phi Phi on the boat, but I was bummed I was stuck there. Just to get off the ferry terminal you have to pay a 20 baht tourist fee, because tourists are dirty (I should have snagged a picture of the sign).

I had heard the Island is crazy touristy and it’s so true. The island is tiny, there were no cars, just push carts. So those that were staying at hotels there got “picked up” by a guy with a pushcart and he would walk them to the hotel. For us not staying there you can walk around and buy shit. The beaches are littered with long boats and their drivers line the “streets” begging to take you to another island.

Really there is like nothing to do but sit by a pool?? Anyway I walked around until I couldn’t take it anymore. It was about 1230 and I picked a place on the water and sat for lunch. But the place didn’t have any of their Thai food ready yet, just western food. I didn’t come to Thailand to eat a burger and fries so I told them I would read my book until the food was ready. They weren’t busy anyway.

After about 30 minutes I got my spring rolls, continued to enjoy the view and read my book while I snacked. It was insanely hot – 36, with my estimation math that’s right around 94 degrees with tons of humidity.

After lunch I decided to buy a towel, find a spot under a shady tree on the tiny beach and nap.

I bought a Thailand beach towel for $10 and found a spot in the shade. I continued to read until I fell asleep. I probably slept for 2 hours.  If I would have known I was going to be stuck on the Island I would have worn my suit to swim, but even finding a swimming spot would have been tough because of all the boats and their ties to land.

Finally time to get on the boat again at 330. I was able to find a seat in the “air con” area. Wasn’t that cool, but better than baking in the heat. It was about a 2 hour ride to Ao Nang and I am so happy to be here.  What I didn’t know when I purchased my ticket is that they also give you a ride to your hotel when you arrive at the final destination!! So I got a nice deal, minus the whole Phi Phi thing.

I’m staying at the Holiday Inn Express. I know, I know, so American. But the reviews of the other hotels in the area for the same price (or even $10/night cheaper) were just too uncertain for me. So my 4 night stay right across the beach ended up being like $220. And my room is nice, and it has a pool, a gym and free breakfast.

It’s also in a pretty fabulous location for food and walking. They are going to get me a cab to the airport in 4 days so I can head on to Kuala Lumpur, but until then I plan on sitting by the beach, reading, relaxing, napping, lathering in sunscreen, and treating myself to daily massages.

In fact, im writing from my massage chair right now!!

I even got a foot scrub!! That was a cool experience. They laid me face down on a table, face down. The guy then put a mini tarp down under my feet and put some paper-y thing on each foot with some sort of foam on it. I got a nice little 5 minute massage while feet soaked up whatever that stuff was. Then he used what I would describe as a plastic straight razor to scrape off my dead skin. Then he used a pumice stone and a brush. My feet are now baby butt soft.

Off to find dinner after this – gonna try out a rice or curry dish tonight.

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