Oh Phuket…

My last morning in Chiang Mai was a very relaxing one. I’ve been looking forward to sitting on the beach and my mind was already there this morning.

I woke up early and did some reading before getting ready for the day. I had some cereal and banana bread for breakfast with two glasses of orange juice (I just LOVE it!!). After breakfast I headed out to the pool to read and relax until I had to pack up and head to the airport. I think I was dehydrated though and only lasted about an hour before giving into the headache.

I went upstairs, took some Tylenol and packed my suitcase. I then layed down in the AC until I had to go to the airport.

On this flight I had a “hot seat,” meaning one of the first five rows. The leg room is no more, you just get a red seat instead of black and get to board first. I had a middle seat, but their seats are wider and I like the middle more than the aisle (I hate getting hit by people and trolleys).

Two hour flight down to Phuket (pronounced Poo-quet), I used Grab to get a cab and headed to my resort.

This resort is right on the water, with ocean views in every room. It’s beautiful.

Makes me a bit sad I’m not staying longer, but tomorrow I will take a ferry to Ao Nang for 4 nights at a resort there. I was going to stop at Phi Phi island, but I heard it’s crazy busy there – and I’m not in the mood to deal with crazy beach goers. So if the Jungle Group from yesterday meets at PhiPhi I’ll go, otherwise I’m not gonna hit it.

When I arrived I was greated with flower tea (I think it’s hibiscus or their version of it) and a cool wet towel for my face. The room is fabulous on the first floor with a nice water view. I immediately through on my suit and headed to the beach!! The water is so warm!! I swam for a bit before giving into the 400 baht massage on the beach. I wanted more stretching, but this was more like a regular massage. In the end it was worth it – one hour for around $20.

It was 6pm when I got back up to my room and got ready to go to dinner. The resort is about a 10 minute walk from the beginning of town and I needed to do some walking today, since I was so lazy this morning. I found a nice little restaurant on the side of the road and had some pad Thai and chicken spring rolls. I need to branch out, I know, it’s just so good!! The freshly fried spring rolls with fresh veggies inside are just so flavorful.

I stopped at 7-11 for some water for my ferry ride tomorrow and then headed back to the hotel. I’m looking forward to getting the boat ride over tomorrow, got my Dramamine so I’m ready!!

I can hear the waves crashing into the beach – this is what I’ve been looking for!!

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